FRAG Profile: Saad “I Bring Dead Things to Life” Fayyaz

The Lion King!


Look, I think the movie was a disaster (don’t @ me bro) but the CGI was AMAZING! 
It was probably the best I’ve seen yet!



So, I was thinking and I realized that I wanted to know more about animation and it hit me and in my best Owen Wilson impression I said, “Wow… I go to work every day with a team of animators right next to me!” So the very next day I pounced on Saad, an unsuspecting animator who was on his lunch break (I love taking their freedom away! heheee) and talked to him about his life and animation.



Here it is!



Hey, how’ve you been? I’ve got a couple of questions for you and about your work.. sooo let’s get started!


*He looks at me with suspicion but agrees.*


What made you decide that you wanted to be an animator? For how many years have you been working in this field?




Oh, I just go with the flow. Like my animations, they flow. I don’t think I’ve ever been passionate about it. To be honest, I came into animation because we got a couple of huge animation projects when I was working at my previous job and my manager was like ‘Yo! we got these great projects and there aren’t many people in the country who do this and this field is great! 


So when I started it, I was annoyed! It was difficult ’cause there were so many keyframes and I didn’t know how to handle them all.  But as time passed I learned those things, and what sort of motivated me towards animation were cartoons. I love cartoons! I play a lot of games too, back then. I played them as games y’know, like I didn’t know how they were made and how much time and effort went into their animation.


The thing about animation that I find absolutely amazing is that in the beginning the character is still, like its dead but when you animate it, you give it life. You bring it to life.


Amazing! Take Inside Out for example! Every character has a character and throughout the movie, they maintain their character! If it’s angry then anything that it does or says will convey its anger. So yeah, bringing things to life!


Oh! and I’ve been working for 5 years in this field.














Wow… (channelling my best Owen again), that’s great! So, Which genre do you wish to work on? Games? Anime? VFX?



Hmmmmm. I don’t think I have a specific genre like I wouldn’t want to just animate a cartoon sequence or games or a fighting sequence. Animation is like an entire universe. Everyone is using animation. Hollywood, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, etc. I think the basic fundamental of animation which is to bring something to life, yeah that does it for me. It’s just so beautiful!


May it be a game character like Mario Kart, every character has a different animation and when they win they get different animations for winning. If its a girl it’ll be a bit shy and if its a brute it’ll go like ‘ROOAR!!’. 


Take Hollywood for example, The Incredible Hulk! It’s all mocap and they put animation on it. That is freaking amazing! But for me, personally, I don’t have a specific area or style. I do everything. Most people have a style, a 2D animator will only do 2D animation, a 3D animator will only do 3D animation, an anime animator would only do that. 


So they have specializations. I don’t, I do whatever needs to be done.



Nice! That’s good thinking! So, which studios would you prefer to work for in the future?


Ahhh, That’s a good question. I think when we started animation.. uhh there are a couple of big names in this field like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. I think they’re successful because they’ve worked hard to get there.


So I think that working with a senior artist who has years of experience – working with them will help me learn and be better. So may it be a studio or an artist, if they’re the best at what they do and if they are experienced and if I can learn from them then that’s who I’ll go for. I just want to learn.


Is there a specific project that you’re proud of? And why?

Short answer: For now, I’m proud of my recent project ‘Steam Punk – Warlords’!




Long answer: Actually, I try and take pride in ANY work I do. 


Ever since I’ve started working and doing animation I’ve always wanted to be better. So if I do some animation for a project I will give it my all and learn from it, develop my skills, polish my existing skills and when another project comes along I give it my best again! And I do the same thing for every project. I learn and give my best. I keep improving.


My father once told me ‘If you have the talent and you’re not giving your best then you’re not honest with yourself and you didn’t do justice with your work’.



I can’t give anything less than my absolute best. That allows me to be honest with my work. I hate slacking. I don’t like not working.  So the next project that I get I will give it my everything and I will improve.



How has FRAG Games helped you in developing your skills?


Ahh, FRAG is one of the best and renowned companies in Pakistan. It’s given me a platform to improve my skills and grow. I’ve worked on a lot of projects with FRAG. It has provided me with a ton of opportunities because the thing is – good opportunities are hard to come by.


Some People stay at home and learn from the internet, that.. works.. too but learning while working within a company like FRAG and being given the freedom to work like I want to is what makes me better than most.


I’m not saying that I’m the best, no. It’s just that it’s better to learn by working within a company, within a specific environment rather than staying home, y’know what I mean? My seniors here have helped a lot they’re really nice and now, well they’re my good friends.


That’s sweet! So you’ve had help and If you were advising the people who are pursuing a career in animation how would you do that?



Every person – I think anyone can learn anything. I got a lot of diverse skills right now. I’ve done a lot of work in different fields, you can call me multi-talented haha. Yeah, but the thing is I love learning. I’m addicted to learning. So I don’t think if someone works hard that their hard work will go to waste, nope.


BUT! in animation, to be the best you need to be an actor. For example, when you’re animating a character you need to FEEL and BE the character. If it’s angry then you need to be angry even if you’re happy as a marshmallow. ‘Cause it’s not necessary that you’ll be given the references to every emotion of the character. So you need to feel and act like the character in order to make it great. If you’re unable to do that then, in my opinion, you won’t be the best. Being a good actor is necessary to be a great animator.


 Sure, you will get the skills but you won’t be able to be excellent in the field if you can’t feel the character. 


Okay! so apart from work… What are your hobbies?


My hobbies? I love cooking!


   Yeah, I cook a lot.

Wow! (Good ol’ O.W. making a comeback) What sort of food can you make?

   A lot of ’em.

Like what?

   Well, just tell me what sort of food you like and I’ll make it for you.

Hahaha, That’s really amazing!!

Yeah, I cook at my home with my family. At the weekends when I’m free I cook for myself aaaand I love games, duh! PC games.


I’ve been playing games since I was a kid. Other than that I love playing badminton. I used to be really good at it but now I have a very busy schedule so I don’t get much time for it. 


Favourite PC game? Something that you can play again and again?


Oh.. Uff! There are so many games that I can play over and over again! but… If I had to pick one then it’ll be ‘Outsiders’. I’ve played it thrice, I think. 



And that’s all the time I got with our very own Saad Khan before he had to get back to work!

Thanks for reading!



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