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Total Office Call

The Matrix of sales! Throw virtual scenarios at a sale staff for their training

Chesterfield AR Panther

Watch the Chesterfiled Panther stalk the stalk, straight up your arm!

Mountain Dew AR app

Create two virtual mountains around a can of Dew and a virtual moutain bike. Do crazy tricks. Do the Dew.

Ford AR Showroom

Virtual showroom-see the make and model before your eyes, before you buy

Emily Skye Fitness

Get fit fast and safe; Emily Skye is an extensive database of exercises for every muscle with detailed descriptions, videos, images and tips

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We have a full in house art team and they’ve made

  • Beautiful environments, ranging from haunted ancient mansions to abandoned Mechfighter warehouses on the Red Planet
  • Character models both cartoony and realistic
  • Lavish card art bursting with their own personal style
  • Engaging UI's that invite users to play with them


Unity, our first love. Want to make a great game that’s lightweight, quick out of the gate and can leverage the massive (and massively cost saving) Asset Store? Unity’s your girl.
Unreal Engine 4. How could we resist the glamorous new kid on the block? After branching into UE4 in late 2015, we totally understood what all the fuss was about. If you’re looking for bleeding edge visuals and dynamic lighting, we’d recommend Unreal every time.


From day 1, we’ve worked on online multiplayer experiences. It’s turned our Server team into superstars. We’ve built a custom server stack that we use for everything
from storage to matchmaking to leaderboard services. We integrate with 3rd party tools like Photon and Gamesparks where necessary. We recommend Amazon Web Services for anyone looking for a cloud configuration.

Our Clients


Don't you love it when a team comes together?
We've grown a few white hairs since our doors opened in 2013, and it took a few setbacks (including the infamous Dartboard Incident), but when a unit finally clicks in place, it’s an amazing thing.
We've executed at least a dozen TYPES of projects and are still hungry to try the rest.
Drop us a line, and get to know us!

Ali Ihsan
Zaair Hussain
Business Director
Adnan Ayub
Art Lead
Deon Voss
Business Development
Omar Farooq
Server Lead
Shahroz Aziz
Client Lead



We're proud to house our ground control at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore's most iconic tower.


Office #3, Level 4, Arfa Software Technology Park 346-B Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan

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+92 42 3597 2057

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